Jeremy Coleman Smith                                                                                                                                      
MFA                        2013                   New Jersey City University
BFA                        1995                   The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Areas of specialization: Printmaking, Sculpture, Woodworking, CAD and 3d Printing
Professional Teaching Experience
2016                             Adjunct Professor New Jersey City University, Jersey City,NJ
                                    Classes Taught:
                                              Relief Printmaking
                                              Advanced Printmaking
                                              3d Design
2014- Present                 Adjunct Professor, Hudson County Community College, Jersey City, NJ
                                    Classes Taught:
                                                Art History I- Paleolithic to Early Renaissance
                                                Experiencing Art
                                                Painting I
                                                Painting II
                                                Drawing I
                                                3d Design
                                                2d Design
2013                             Teacher’s Assistant New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
                                    Class Taught:
                                                Silkscreen Printing(TA)
2005-2015                     Teacher of Art and Technology, Verona High School, Verona, NJ
                                    Classes Taught:
                                                Architectural Design
                                                Wood Technology
                                                Intro to Structures and Engineering
                                                Graphic Arts
2018        • "Residence", Braddock Park Art Center , North Bergen, NJ (Solo)

2017        • "Made Here", Guttenberg Arts, Guttenberg, NJ
               • "Collecting Hudson" , Dineen Hull Gallery, Jersey City
               • "Constructed Space" Lemmerman Gallery at NJCU, Jersey City

2016        • “Ecco Domus” Arthouse, Jersey City
               • “Housing Works”, Dineen Hull Gallery, Jersey City
               • “Faculty Show”, Lemmerman Gallery at NJCU, Jersey City
               • “Square Format (Sinking Room)”, Drawing Rooms at Victory Hall, Jersey City
               • “Hudson Contemporary”, Hudson County Community College, Jersey City
               • “Unframed”, Dineen Hull Gallery, Jersey City
2015         • “Negative Space”, Knockdown Center, Maspeth, NY
2014          • Brunswick Window, Jersey City, NJ (April)
                 • “Remote Surface”,Hap Gallery, Portland, Oregon
                          2 Person show with Scott Wolniak           
                  • “The Big Small Works Show”, Drawing Rooms, Jersey City
2013          • "Morphology of the Print", Lehman College, Bronx,NY 
                  • "New Masters", New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ 
                  • "Fabricated Image/ Reflective Space", New Jersey City University
2012           • Mana Contemporary,Jersey City, NJ
                  •  International Sculpture Center: Sculpture Conference
                         Chicago, Illinois 
2011           • College Art Association New York Area MFA Exhibition
                           Hunter College/Times Square Gallery- New York, New York                                    •International Sculpture Center: Outstanding Student Achievement                                  in Contemporary Sculpture, Grounds for Sculpture-Hamilton, NJ
2003            • "Built to Form" Victory Hall, Jersey City
1994            • Betty Rymer Gallery ,Chicago, Illinois 
2017                Key Holder Artist in Residence, Guttenberg Arts
2015                 • Schwendener, Martha. "10 Galleries to See in Brooklyn and Queens." New York Times 16 Apr. 2015: n. pag. Print.
2013         • Artist Talk-The City and Humanities Program-Lehman College, Bronx,NY
                • “October Surprise- Something Special at Lehman College Art                                           Gallery",Bronx Art Exchange. October 22,2013 surprise-something-special-at-lehman-college-art-gallery/ 
                • Palmer, James. "Printmakers Pushing the Envelope of Their Art" In: The                                                          Riverdale Press. November 28, 2013.  p.B1
2011         • Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture,                      International Sculpture Center
                 • Sculpture Magazine October Issue, Volume 30 No. 8